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Light weight 2-stroke engines for PPG, PPC and the Ultralights

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MZ 175

MZ175 (175cc) Single Cylinder
MZ 175 is designed for powered paragliding applications (PPG) and yet is powerful enough to lift off PPG trike, single seat HG trike or even a small plane. Its crankcase, support brackets, cylinder head and redrive have been quality machined on state of the art CNC equipment in Canada. Its exhaust has been designed and fabricated by Italian craftsmen and its cylinder head has CompactRadialEngines unique proprietary design which allows this tiny motor to develop enormous torque at high RPMs.
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MZ 202

MZ202 (626cc) 2-Cylinder Inline
The powerful, lightweight MZ202 ultralight engine is the result of a union of space age materials, innovative design and state of the art manufacturing methods.
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MZ 34

MZ-34, 1 cylinder 2 stroke
MZ 34 is our bestseller. It is designed for powered paragliding applications (PPG), single or two place PPG trikes, single place HG trikes and light single place ultralight planes.
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News In Progress

MZ175 engine is now available

Lightweight and powerful with fine tuned exhaust, ready for lift off.

MZ 34 new exhaust is now here

New chromed look improves longevity and adds on to aesthetics of the motor.

MZ 35 crankcase has a new look

Completely cut from the billet it provides for extra weight savings and improved rigidity.

MZ 34 pullstart plate

Whole new pull start plate now is smaller, 2lbs lighter and makes the motor itself thinner providing for more comfortable paramotor (both backpack and trike) applications.