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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of motor oil do you recommend to use in your 2-stroke motors?
→ Synthetic Castrol TTS
Q: What is fuel to oil ratio in your 2-stroke motors?
→ 50:1
Q: How long should I break my engine for?
→ 10 hours as per manual.
Q: What octane gas should I use for my motor?
→ Unleaded gas of the highest octane you can get in your area.
Q: What should I keep in mind while breaking in my MZ 34/35 motor?
→ You must retorque head bolts per torque specifications after about 1 hour of engine run.
Q: What should I do when pull start becomes difficult
→ Chances are that your decompression hole is plugged with gunk. Remove cylinder head and clean up decompression hole.

News In Progress

MZ 34 engine updates

A new set of redrive, redrive plate and a cylinder head have been introduced.

MZ 34 new exhaust is now here

New chromed look improves longevity and adds on to aesthetics of the motor.

MZ 35 crankcase has a new look

Completely cut from the billet it provides for extra weight savings and improved rigidity.

MZ 34 pullstart plate

Whole new pull start plate now is smaller, 2lbs lighter and makes the motor itself thinner providing for more comfortable paramotor (both backpack and trike) applications.