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MZ-201, 2 cylinders 2 stroke; comes with belt or gearbox


Bore: 76 mm
Stroke: 69 mm
Displacement: 626 cc
Rotation: Anti-clockwise from PTO
Cooling: By propeller
Ignition: Double CDI
Fuel Metering: Single Tillotson carb
Starter: Electric and Recoil starter starter
Generator: 180 Watt 13.8V
Max brake output: 45 HP @ 4700 RPM
Max permissable RPM: 4700 RPM
Lubrication: Oil (Castrol TTS) in unleaded gas 50:1
Reduction: Belt reduction (gearbox optional)
Complete engine weight: 31 kg (69 lbs) incl. reduction, electric starter, exhaust


To meet a specific need, the MZ201 was created, an engine derived from big brother MZ202 and reduced to 45 Hp. This configuration is best for motorglider applications and single place ULM where the single cylinder engine is too small and our MZ202 is too powerful. With this performance we can use a belt reduction system, and the lower power does not need the forced air cooling. The engine weight complete with reduction, carburetor and muffler is only 31 kg (69 lbs). The torque curve, being very flat, is optimal for a propeller. The fuel consumption is very low due to the double CDI ignition system with variable ignition points. A single Tillotson diaphragm carburetor is standard. The MZ201 is supplied with electric starter, recoil starter, exhaust system, wiring harness, air filter and belt reduction. Optionally available: RZ2 gear box with clutch, fan cooled.


News In Progress

MZ 34 engine updates

A new set of redrive, redrive plate and a cylinder head have been introduced.

MZ 34 new exhaust is now here

New chromed look improves longevity and adds on to aesthetics of the motor.

MZ 35 crankcase has a new look

Completely cut from the billet it provides for extra weight savings and improved rigidity.

MZ 34 pullstart plate

Whole new pull start plate now is smaller, 2lbs lighter and makes the motor itself thinner providing for more comfortable paramotor (both backpack and trike) applications.