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MZ-301, 3 cylinders 2 stroke; comes with gearbox and clutch


Bore: 76 mm
Stroke: 69 mm
Displacement: 940 cc
Rotation: Anti-clockwise from PTO
Cooling: Direct drive forced fan cooled system
Ignition: Inductive system with program
Fuel Metering: Carburators (Bing 54)
Starter: Electric
Generator: 180 Watt
Max brake output: 85 HP @ 5800RPM
Max permissable RPM: 6250 RPM
Lubrication: Oil (Castrol TTS) in unleaded gas 50:1
Reduction ratio: 2.18, 2.55, 2.88, 3.11, 3.66 to 1
Complete engine weight: 53 kg (117 lbs) incl. electric starter, muffler

The MZ301, with its 3-cylinders in line, may be the best possible layout for a two-stroke engine. It is virtually vibration-free and has a very gradual power output. Three sparks per revolution make this engine extremely elastic with low fuel consumption. Manufacturing with state-of-the-art technology has made it possible to keep weight down to 50kg (110lbs). It comes complete with: Electric starter, 3 into 1 exhaust manifold, direct drive forced fan cooling and the RZ2 gearbox with clutch.

News In Progress

MZ 34 engine updates

A new set of redrive, redrive plate and a cylinder head have been introduced.

MZ 34 new exhaust is now here

New chromed look improves longevity and adds on to aesthetics of the motor.

MZ 35 crankcase has a new look

Completely cut from the billet it provides for extra weight savings and improved rigidity.

MZ 34 pullstart plate

Whole new pull start plate now is smaller, 2lbs lighter and makes the motor itself thinner providing for more comfortable paramotor (both backpack and trike) applications.